India International Vegan Film Festival

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The India International Vegan Film Festival is a platform dedicated to showcasing films that raise collective human consciousness by promoting vegan, ethical and environmental values. While leading entertainers and athletes across boundaries of all age-groups and culture such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billie Eilish and countless more were already advocating for a cruelty-free and eco-conscious lifestyle, we believe that the post Corona Virus Lockdown world would be a different one. It would be a world where the call for ‘conscious living’ would have to be taken far more seriously because scientists the world over have already acknowledged and warned that the global lockdown caused by the first outbreak of Corona Virus, bringing the entire world economy to a sudden and screeching halt, is just a singular sample of a series of disasters which will hit mankind with far greater severity if we do not take the climate crisis seriously. All corners of the society including governments, corporations and consumers will have to respond to this urgent call for our survival. While governments in every country will overhaul food, housing, healthcare, transportation, energy and industrial policies addressing climate change more affectively, corporations too will have to adapt their products and services to these changes as quickly as possible. In the fast moving world of consumer-driven content this will mean that viewers will now come to their screens not just for entertainment but also for answers to the rapidly and drastically changing living and working conditions, policy, products and environment around them. The Media industry is responsible to address this need with a new wave of ‘conscious content and programming’ that inspires, educates and entertains it’s audience all at the same time. The India International Vegan Film Festival is an industry event for members of the film fraternity to pledge our commitment to this very cause of producing ‘conscious programming’. Art has always been at the forefront of social change and the IIVFF is a showcase, a marketplace, networking and discussion platform for artists and industry professionals who believe in the power of art to shape our world and are serious about their personal responsibility to leverage that power to save animals and the environment today. Continuing in the spirit and tradition of films like Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Racing Extinction and The Game Changers, our mission is to celebrate and bring the most cutting-edge and milestone ‘conscious content and programming’ together with the most capable distribution players such as studios, networks and OTT platforms to create maximum ecological impact and a win-win partnership for all stakeholders involved - artists, industry professionals and the planet!


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