Imaginarium Convention

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The 9th annual Imaginarium Convention will take place July 8-10, 2022 at the Holiday Inn Louisville East, in Louisville, Kentucky!. The Imaginarium Convention is centered entirely around professional creatives and the art of storytelling, including the worlds of movies, books, gaming, music, cosplay, art, and comics/graphic novels. The Imaginarium Convention features extensive programming content, with panels and workshops presented across all three days of the event by over 200 professional guests! Our panel and workshop programming covers topics in indie film, screenwriting, the craft of writing, a range of various genres, industry-specific topics, publishing, game design, and social media/publicity. The convention features an all-genre independent film festival with a full array of awards, a masquerade/costume contest, live music, gaming, an expo, an awards banquet, a series of literary awards called the Imadjinns, film awards, and many more activities, creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that is content-rich and ideal for networking, promotion and personal development. The Imaginarium Convention's Independent Film Festival showcases an array of short films, feature films, documentaries, web series and music videos of all genres. Projects accepted into the film festival are evaluated by our jury for an array of awards that include several focusing on the storytelling/screenwriting components. As a convention that celebrates the art and craft of storytelling, we strive to present a diverse range of quality independent projects in the festival, while giving additional spotlighting to the screenplays and screenwriting aspects of filmmaking. For further information on the Imaginarium Convention, please visit


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