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Dear filmmakers! Our festival is calling for short-form documentaries that tell inspiring stories of sustainability, equality, and inclusion from around the world! InvestmentNews and the United Nations are collaborating again on an event to inspire audiences of the power of responsible business by illustrating stories of people and places across the globe whose lives have been made better by unique entrepreneurs, investments, companies and individuals that are changing the world one step at a time. ESG, Responsible Business, or Sustainable Investing, or Impact, are many names under a broad umbrella: the idea that to create systemic positive change in our world, we must put the broad scope of businesses and the markets to good use, and that governments and non-profits are not enough on their own. What happens when a business decides it’s goal is not just profit, but purpose? The festival’s goal is to make the story of ESG mainstream. The festival will be held in early December. We will try to have an in-person component in addition to streaming, but cannot make a determination at this time due to Covid-19. We know that you as documentary filmmakers are driven by this same mission, but that the world of responsible business, the United Nations, and other aspects like the Sustainable Development Goals may be unknown to you. To help you, the filmmaker, we have on our website a more in depth explanation, detailed information, our two winning films from 2019 and 2020, and an overview video. You may also listen to our podcast, Impact Adventures, which tells these stories on a weekly basis. Send us your films. Help us celebrate so we can show the changes happening across the globe.


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