Impact Humanity Television & Film Festival

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Following the global success of the inaugural 2019 Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival (the “IHTFF”) which received over 2,000 submissions from 112 countries, the IHTFF seeks elevated video / film content of various lengths from around the world that influence and directly speak about human rights or humanitarian causes in a significant way. Anna Hakobyan, the Spouse of the Prime Minister of Armenia was the Honorary Chairwoman of the 2019 Festival which was attended by prominent world dignitaries. Jury awards will be selected by a committee of elite Hollywood entertainment leaders, celebrities & filmmakers for its Festival, currently scheduled in Yerevan, Armenia, October 2021. Films selected for both the in-person Festival Event and the Virtual Event will be broadcast on the Emmy winning Popstar! TV network. The winners will also be included in a one hour nationally broadcast television special and award show about the film festival. The Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival plans to do this every year as a TV special so that the winners and their projects are recognized globally via television. The idea of the Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival is to raise awareness on the issues related to the global humanitarian crisis and actions to save people through the television shows, feature films and documentaries we present. The Festival highlights television and film projects that involve human rights and strive to preserve and advance humanitarian causes In 2019 the Festival was one of the key international events on the agenda of the Aurora Forum, a sweeping week of activities that focuses on humanity’s progress in spite of the local and global obstacles and highlights the best of the world’s social, academic, educational, entertainment, media and humanitarian practices. The Festival believes it is important to call attention to human rights issues everywhere around the world. The Festival serves as a bridge to encourage television and film producers to raise awareness of human rights issues through their future television and film projects. We will be hosting our annual international film festival in Armenia in October 2021- submissions are open from December 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021 - and in February we screen a selection of chosen films in our Virtual Festival.


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