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Since 1999, a group of filmmakers meet every year in the worldwide known picturesque bavarian town called Oberammergau, to watch and talk independent films and how to rule the world. Now you can join this group. IndieNuts opens there gates for everyone and founded the IndieNuts Awards festival. The IndieNuts Awards is an international independent film festival based in Germany, that features a live screening event and business panel discussions. This guarantees unique PR opportunities towards independent filmakers worldwide. Today, making an independent movie isn't that big of a challenge, as it was back in the old days, but getting it out into the world is the big challenge today. And thats where IndieNuts jumps in. We want to help you get your movie out into the crowd, so you get all the recognition and attention your film deserves. You ask why and how we can do that? We are professionals in the filmbusiness since 1990 and as independent filmmakers since 1999. We have solutions for you and a lot of experience and are willing to share them with you. As IndieNuts, we want to connect the audience with the filmmaker and the filmmaker with other filmmakers. We will promote all selected movies on our website and give you the chance to directly connected with your own crowd.




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