(In)Justice for All Film Festival

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The (In)Justice for All Film Festival (IFAFF) was originally developed to bring films to audiences that expose America's criminal (in)justice system – police, courts, and corrections – and the for-profit industries that feed at this trough of human misery. While we share the stories of the millions relegated to second-class citizenship under this unforgiving system we also explore the root causes of mass incarceration, including racism, mental illness, the War on Drugs, and the criminalization of minorities. Over the years we have also screened films that shine light on a host of other justice issues, from immigration challenges around the world, to police violence, and even eco-justice. During 10 days in October, we will again screen feature length documentaries, feature films, and topical shorts. Our focus for 2020 will be films with these major themes: - The Epidemic of Mass Incarceration in America - American Poverty: Homelessness, Hunger, and EcoJustice - The Global Immigration Crisis - American Racism and White Supremacy - Domestic Violence - Police Abuse of Power Filmmakers are encouraged to submit films that provide insight into the challenges, the triumph of the human spirit, and personal and systemic solutions, revolving around these themes. In addition to the broad themes above, we will welcome works that bring perspective to the following issues: • The War on Drugs • Mental Health • The science of addiction • The youth perspective on crime and prison • The politicization of crime and punishment • Global alternatives to imprisonment • Incarceration’s impacts on men, women, and children • Restorative Justice • Discretionary police power • The militarization of America's police departments • History of incarceration and prison reform movements • Politically motivated imprisonment • Prison Profiteers, the corporations that profit from prison growth This IFAFF's goal is to recognize filmmakers who are justice warriors in their own right, while providing critical awareness and education on these issues, and thereby growing the grassroots capacity to challenge and change the system.


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