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Our independent Italian film production company, In Movie Fest International, is organizing the First Edition of the International Film Festival INMOVIEFEST 2022, which will take place from 9 to 17 September 2022 in Abruzzo and Marche. Our goal is to create new artistic adventures to try to overcome socio-cultural crises and make the world understand that even the most decentralized or unknown places can give life to a new artistic and intellectual idea, especially in this difficult historical period, indeed this is the stimulus to regenerate the world of new ideas. For us this Festival embodies the rejuvenation of human relationships, the conflictual relationship, often of denial, that human beings have with the truth, this Festival is the opportunity to become aware and to break the order of things, unexpectedly, to change them. A Festival represents a great puzzle to build, with this project we are advancing along this false line: we have opened a large box with a thousand pieces of puzzles to build and we have thrown them on the table. In particular, we are looking to target new and valuable pieces of the puzzle, to start the making of this fantastic new building. The first piece of the puzzle, the most important, is the young Artistic Direction. The backbone. Another important piece of the puzzle concerns the choice of young directors or artists, emerging jurors, who will come from all over the world, to create a synergy of selection attentive to every detail, so that the public itself will also be involved. One last important puzzle piece of this First Edition 2022 is represented by the Official Godmothers who will open the International Festival, strongly “female”: the “Nobel Peace Prize” Nadia Murad, the Belarusian journalist “Nobel Prize for Literature” Svetlana Aleksievic. They are female figures, strong women with a new outlook on the world. The International Festival In Movie Fest 2021 is made up of nine official sections in competition, with important cash prizes. Our goal for the competing works is to create balance and strategy for the Awards, which will be shared between the Distributor, the Director, and the Producer. The distribution phase is usually the weakest part, for this reason, we try to give space to the Distribution, so that it can support, in theaters, the films in competition, through our prizes. In fact, our goal is to maintain a strong identity of independent cinema within the now globalized film industry. Let’s not lose sight of the independent cinematic soul!




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