Intercontinental Film Festival

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The Intercontinental Film Festival is a brand new, future-now oriented film festival. Providing the platform that filmmakers need to be seen, we will be one of the first film festivals ever to live stream the entire event for people around the world to tune in! The mission statement of the ICFF is about inclusion. Bringing back to the festival circuit what a festival truly should be. A showcase of the best art. We do not play the games of who knows who, I took a class with this judge so I get in, none of that. We are simply a competition, the films that are the best are the winner. Network, budget and all other factors hold no power here. That is why the award selecting committee will not be released to be public. I personally will only hire judges with no connection the any of the submitted films. Come join us on our event March 29th, 2020 where we will have panel discussions, seminars and more with industry leaders and professionals. Don't forget to stay for the red carpet Award Ceremony in the evening as we will be giving out custom glass trophies in 12 categories! Winner of Best Film will receive a $500 Cash Prize. Snacks, beverages, cake and more will be served complimentary throughout the day. More prizes to come as we continue to gain sponsors! Don't forget, we all have a voice and now it is time to let yours be heard! Submit now to be apart of history.


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