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Independent RCFF was founded in 2004 in Reggio Calabria at the behalf of Gianluca Curti, president of Minerva Pictures, and Michele Geria, president of the Cultural Association E20, to promote independent audiovisual products and the territory. Over the past thirteen editions it has set itself the goal of discovering new talents in the sector and today it represents a fairly significant national reality, involving actors, producers, directors, set designers, scriptwriters, and costume designers who together have contributed to pursuing the educational purpose on novelties in evolution that the audiovisual has lived in these years. And thus also promoting web products. For this reason the president of the E20 association and general director of the festival has assigned the artistic direction to the experience and sensitivity of the Italian director Mimmo Calopresti, already on the jury in international festivals such as Cannes and Venice, which is also president of the jury of award of the silver Bergamot prize. The festival since its first edition has decided to promote sites and locations of high cultural value at the territory level. The Cultural Association E20 has therefore thought of a "Mediterranean street for art" where festival guests can visit and learn about sites such as the archaeological museum of Reggio Calabria, home of the eighth wonder of the world: the Riace Bronzes, the whose 50th anniversary of the discovery will be celebrated in 2022. Following Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, better known as Piazza Italia, the seat elected for the preparation of the elegant red carpet, where the protagonists of the festival of this new 14th edition will parade. The Aragonese castle, central point of the city, dedicated to photographic exhibitions. The Francesco Cilea theater, returned to the throne of Dale 2003 following the restoration of the theater where the evenings destined for the awards for the winners of the competition are held after the afternoon and evening screenings. Miramare, the hall of mirrors, a strategic location because it overlooks what the Italian poet Gabriele D’annunzio defined “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy. The festival includes 5 days in the calendar organized into five sections, the independent feature film competition, the Bergamot silver awards, to which interested parties can also subscribe via the FreeWay platform (link) at a cost of 90 euros per feature film. Masterclass section divided into four / five events dedicated to direction, scenography, dubbing, seriality and production. The section "a book for the cinema" intended for the knowledge of the steps necessary for the transformation of a literary work into an audiovisual work. The ReggioFoodFest section aimed at promoting local food and wine products. The video clip competition section created for new young video makers. The cinema section inside the walls is a section strongly desired by the president of the cultural association e20, Michele Geria, and the criminal lawyer, Agostino Siviglia, guarantor of the rights of prisoners for the Calabria Region, the section includes three events in the district houses of three works selected on the basis of a high cultural value inherent in the work to collaborate in the re-educational activity and reintegration of prisoners under the profile of art. 27 of the constitution. The prizes awarded during the 14th edition are: Silver Bergamot for the best feature in competition, Raf Vallone prize awarded for best actor, Leopoldo Trieste award for best emerging actor / actress, Oreste Lionello award for best voice actor, Città Metropolitan award for Reggio Calabria for best director, CiakCalabria award for best performance of the Calabrian workers, out-of-competition prize "Rieducazione e Solidarietà Reggio Calabria" cinema section inside the walls.




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