The 16th Resistance International Film Festival

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Resistance International Film Festival is regarded as one of the most prestigious international film festivals in Iran. The goal of the Festival is to create an atmosphere of dialogue, understanding of current human sufferings, and to share experiences and new ideas. The three-fold mission is to: 1- Create an atmosphere of dialogue by recognizing activists and filmmakers. 2- Foster the human spirit of brotherhood, peace, and resisting oppression. 3- Use the language of film to fight terrorism and violence. Filmmakers around the world are welcome to submit documentaries, short and feature, and animated films relevant to the festival topics. International Thematic Focus: o Double standards in western human rights approach o Soft war and infiltration of the global imperialism in the different domains o Media and cyberspace (Threats and opportunities) o Threats posed by global imperialism, terrorism and International-Zionism o The Resistance of the People in Palestine, Yemen, India, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Bahrain, Kashmir, Bosnia, etc. o Tribute to martyrs of the resistance o Health defenders (Global gratitude for COVID-19 healthcare workers) o Combatants without borders o Islamic Awakening




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