Return International Art Festival

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“Art without borders” is the philosophy of the RETURN International Art Festival. Our goal is to feature works by artists from across the globe and a wide variety of different industries. The festival will present various art forms such as films, photography and comics. The selected works will be shown in places like cinemas and art galleries in Weimar Germany. Humanitarian and environmental issues will play a central role at our festival and our goal is to promote international cultural exchange. We are inspired by the transcendental nature of art, and the special role it plays in creating new perspectives and innovations. The term “RETURN” indicates that we want to look back at the art and artists that came before us, our cultural heritage that has laid the groundwork for our modern society and is an integral part of our communities. Therefore, the revival of historical art and culture will be an essential element of the festival throughout the entire program. A special characteristic of the festival is that we will focus on questions rather than themes. The answers will emerge from the works of the artists. Global challenges will play a central role when raising those questions. The RETURN International Art Festival builds an infrastructure that helps artists to create their work sustainably and that will give them a fresh start after the pandemic. We believe that art flourishes when it can be presented to and be in conversation with a live audience. Targets: - Scientific research and recording the approach of artists to global challenges. - Utilizing the knowledge of veteran professors and artists to raise the level of works of art. - Introducing the rituals of different ethnic groups and nations to raise the level of awareness of human societies. - Supporting artists with ideas around the world. - Creating a database that can be cited in all cultural and artistic fields for the new generation. - Use the practical achievements of the festival to raise the level of global education. - Inviting and appreciating artists active in the field of humanitarian and environmental activities to create a culture and the effective role of artists in creating social responsibility. - Creating opportunities for the new generation of graduates, students and elites in various fields of art.




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