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ABOUT ROLLING FILM FESTIVAL RFF contributes to the structuring of the Kosovar cultural sector by adding a community-dedicated event in the Kosovo cultural calendar, highlighting and raising awareness on Kosovo’s multiculturalism. “Folktale – The New Reality” is this year’s theme of the festival. Folktale is a story originating in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth over generations. In todays society the Roma lives are often seen as a folktale and sadly often treated as one. The transformation of the folktale towards reality is sometimes very close. The only question remains is “what is the reality and what is fiction in the Roma lives today?”. International and local fiction, animation, documentaries, shorts and feature films will be shown during 5 days of the festival at the ABC Cinema in Pristina, Kosovo in March 22nd to 26 of March 2021. Films made by and about Roma people are eligible. (Roma filmmaker made a non-Roma related film is eligible. Other non-Roma filmmakers made any films about Roma people are also eligible.) Films produced after July 2017 are eligible. Each edition many international and local artist meets present their work to Kosovo audience. The Rolling Film Festival® ranks among the most important Roma international film festivals in the Europe. For 5 days, film lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals, and media watch the best in new Roma cinema from established masters and new talent. As one of the world’s most important Roma cultural events, the Festival consistently strives to set the standard for excellence in film programming. Films are selected on the basis of quality and originality. The Festival also serves as a platform for Roma artists to share their stories. Audacious in its selection and supported by the intelligence and breadth of its international (mix) audience, the Festival has become the landmark destination for the Roma films and is always seeking new ways to engineer creative and cultural discovery through film. The level of engagement the Festival sustains from edition to edition is unique. Enthusiastic audiences and filmmakers have unprecedented levels of access to one another as they exchange ideas about the art and business of filmmaking. The Rolling Film Festival has earned its long-standing reputation as a leader in the of Roma cultural events in Kosovo. THE NUMBERS The Rolling Film Festival: - Presents one the only Roma cinema event in the world - Presents at least two public screenings and one Press and Industry every invited film. - Welcomes about 3000 attendees; - About 10 international and local filmmakers are invited to present their works. SUBMISSION PROCESS The submissions period for the 2020 RFF opens April 30, 2020. All submissions to the RFF#6 must be made via FilmFreeway ( SCREENING FORMATS All selected films must be available to screen in DCP (Digital Cinema Package), BR or HD files by September 1st, 2020.




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