Russian-British Sochi International Film Festival and Awards

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The Russian-British Sochi International Film Festival and Awards (SIFFA) is the only Russian-British Open film festival in Russia. It takes place in the Olympic city of SOCHI, Russia. It aims to bring together filmmakers of Britain and Russia and the rest of the world. This festival is a unifying creative experience through the language of Cinema. SIFFA is at the heart of the culturally independent Olympic City of Sochi. Our mission is to build a cultural bridge between Russia and Britain and the rest of the world; to tell the stories of those countries and to promote the universal appeal of the visual narrative, human experiences and dramatic interpretation; and to impart a powerful message of hope for humankind. We support Russian, British and International filmmakers and help them to be discovered by the representatives of the world film industry; we create opportunities for international co-production. Cinema has the power to change opinions and attitudes, create an atmosphere of harmony and peace and touch people of all ethnicities in a human way that reminds us that there is more that connects us than divides us emotionally, spiritually and culturally. Within the framework of the festival there is an educational element including presentations and masterclasses and a concert programme. The festival is unique in that it invites the festival winners and films selected by SIFFA Management to Great Britain to a screening before the British audience. The next such screening will be THE TENTH SOCHI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND AWARDS WEEK IN GREAT BRITAIN in 2022. Festival winners are expected to attend the London award ceremonies personally. Join the SIFFA celebration of cinema with your entry and grace us with your presence as we show the rest of the world how to display open minds and hearts of gold on the silver screen.


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