Ruthless Film Awards

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Ruthless Film Awards is a brand new way of thinking short films. Let’s face it. The film festival market is experiencing a saturation that has drastically decreased the value of awards and “Official Selection” titles. RFA wants to disrupt this trend by raising the bar and acting as a reliable quality checker for shorts. Held in the heart of Los Angeles, the RFA ceremony is not a film festival, but a one-night-only private screening of five (5) selected short films for an exclusive audience of registered agents, managers, producers, and entertainment lawyers. Why only five? Executives don’t have time, and at RFA we know that to catch their attention, we gotta keep it short and sweet. So what about everyone who does not make it to our top five? In an industry that walks on eggshells, receiving honest and actionable feedback on a completed project is rare — who’d want to risk the discomfort, or worse, potentially burn a bridge, by giving blunt feedback? We’re here to be the brave fools who give you what others won’t: rigorous honesty. Rather than inflate your ego with useless awards a ‘la “best film with a dog,” RFA will provide one page of notes and scores for every entry. We’ll tell it to you straight: this is what works, this is what doesn’t, and here’s why.


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