Sacrae Scenae - Festival cinematografico dedicato alle devozioni popolari

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Vivi Ardesio, Proloco of Ardesio, Municipality of Ardesio, Parish of Ardesio and Cinema e Arte Association organize “SACRAE SCENAE”, a Film Festival dedicated to popular devotions. It will be a unique cultural event in Italy, that will introduce the various popular initiatives linked to the world of devotions, through cinema, in all its forms and peculiarities. Critics associate the "popular devotions" to an antiquated scientific thought, which gave to the term an irrational, almost magical aura. Some people consider the expression as vague, meaningless and alluding to a state of things that don’t correspond to reality. Others associate it with a feeling of reverence that is substantially different from the "official" devotion. The locutions "popular religiosity" and “religious folklore” have been proposed as an alternative to the current term. Popular religiosity, understood as the set of values, beliefs, attitudes and expressions derived from the Catholic religion, is a privileged area of dialogue between the gospel and cultures. It constitutes the wisdom of people. The adjective "popular" that accompanies these forms of devotion and faith is not a diminutive, popular devotion is the allegory of the journey of God’s People. Deadline: 15th May If the movie is not in Italian language, it's obligatory to provide Italian subtitles.


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