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Movies by Movers is a Feature and Shorts Dance Film Program curated by Cari Ann Shim Sham* for the Salamanca Moves Festival in Tasmania, Austrailia. About the Festival SALAMANCA MOVES will inspire and empower a community of dance agents for change: Movers will challenge and re-imagine the dancing body; Extraordinary art experiences will innovate local and national dance conversations. The Festival will feature dancers and dance-makers who have trained for decades and performed on world stages, dancers who identify with a disability, dancers on the streets, in hidden spaces and across the Salamanca Precinct. Diverse dance will be main-streamed with the deep belief that the more difference you put on stage the more dance has to say as an art-form. SALAMANCA MOVES responds to a world defined by arts participation, rather than arts consumption. Community members from diverse age, cultural and demographic backgrounds will be welcomed, inspired and embraced to watch, participate and experience new ways of moving. Our dance world is defined by No Lights No Lycra rather than the Royal Ballet. Human to human connection embodied, social, physical and live. Inclusive, rewarding, sustainable, educational, social, effective and powerful. Dance that invites us to look at our fellow human being and our world with generosity and curiosity. Bound together by a common cause - breeding a new radical reciprocity. About Movies by Movers Curated by Cari Ann Shim Sham* Movies by Movers is a celebration of the conversation between the body and the camera! Movies By Movers invites makers of site-specific, media-specific work which demonstrates thoughtful collaboration between movement and film to screen their work at the festival. In other words, we are not looking for archival footage, but work which highlights experimentation, visual intimacy and attention to detail. We welcome work by student, emerging and established artists. Films of any genre – experimental, documentary, animation, narrative, – are welcome, as long as movement (of any genre) is a strong component. Shorts must be under 15 min Features must be over 40 min




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