Salty Horror International Film Festival

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SHIFF (Salty Horror Internationl FF) has been alive since 2009 as we have grown from a small Utah horror film festival into a thriving International film festival with films the US, UK, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Australia and South Africa over the past 6 years we have been going. ONE NOTE THIS YEAR, we are not accepting feature length films. Horror short films only. Many of the films that screen at SHIFF have gone onto get distribution including Ground Zero, Beware, A Cadaver Christmas and El Monstro Del Mar to name a few. This competition based festival accepts straight horror short films and this year we are accepting short films for a feature film horror anthology called Holiday Horror Show which we are negotiating for distribution. Please see our Holiday Horror Show tab for more information. This festival accepts straight horror, comedy-horror, sci-fi/horror and psychological thriller. Our only disqualifying rule is no films with aberrant violence or sexuality against women, children or animals. IE, no Cannibal Holocaust.


United States (USA)


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