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Maren Wiese

Maren Wiese

Born on 14.03.1990 in the rainy north of Germany, Maren Wiese completed her higher education in 2009 and moved to Düsseldorf in order to work at the dance theatre “tanzhaus nrw” as a production assistant and intern of the stage department. In 2013 she started her bachelor studies in Applied Theatre Science at the University of Giessen. After working on several film projects with the choreographer and artist Janina Arendt she completed her studies in 2013 and moved to Hamburg to work on other short film projects and intern as a camera assistant with the production company Vincentfilm. In 2014 she moved to Kassel and began her studies of Visual Communication. Since 2015 she is a proud student of the animation department of the art school Kassel.


March 13, 1990

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