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Born in 1977, Suki auto-produced short films in the late 90s combining his cinematic vision with his taste for drawing. Creator of «The Dick Spader investigations», selected at the Annecy and Ottawa festivals, Suki later creates an interactive comic for Nike, then in 2006, «Reflections», an animated thriller, with international career: Dresden, Brooklyn, Animamundi...

In 2012, sponsored by the CNC and Pictanovo, «N'Djekoh» was selected for the Annecy festival in 2013 and was included in the program «The new faces of French animation», which toured Canada in 2014.

Since then, Suki has continued to develop projects such as «The Karl Paradigm» (finalist in the 2013 Audi Talents Awards), has adapted Rudolphe Toppfer's 1844 comic titled «The Story Of Albert», and has just finished an animated fable, «The eel, the weasel and the vulture», produced by Utopi, an artistic cooperative, co-founded with Stéphane Debureau and Jean-Philippe Gréau.

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