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Ternier Frank

Ternier Frank



Frank Ternier is a filmmaker, editor as well as a graphic designer born on July 23rd 1975, in Tours, France. He is a "Jack of all trades" within the visual world and has developed his passion for aesthetics by creating two companies: the organization l'Astronef and Neutron production in order to build a strong professional network of film directors and technicians.
With Charles-Eric Petit, he co-produced two short films, including LA PERLE FENDUE (THE SPLIT PEARL) which stars Jean Rochefort. Since 2006, he creates videos in association with the theatre troupe Théâtre à Cru.
Following these experiences, Frank made his first animated film LE DI@BLE EN BOUCHE, which received the 2011 Special Credit for professional movies at the National Festival of Animated Films of the AFCA.
In addition to this, he co-authored and co-produced a series of short animated comedies WE COME IN PEACE with Frédéric Dufau and Jérôme Dupin. He also recently created the collective Ideal Crash in order to dedicate more time to filmmaking and experimenting. New projects are arising from this new dynamic including the animated movie 8 BULLETS, produced by the company L'Image d'après.


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