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Alice Saey

Alice Saey

Illustrator and director of animated films, I navigate between Paris and Rotterdam. After a DNSEP in graphic design at the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg in 2014, I animate a sea of ​​naked women, a dance of Egyptian geese and a choir of volcanoes in the clips She's Young (Shaking Godspeed), Happy (Mark Lotterman) and Careful (Jo Goes Hunting) which are awarded internationally. For my next short film Flatastic, written by Léa Perret and produced by Miyu/Keplerfilm, I am staging a chaotic ballet of manta rays and flattened humans.
My commissioned projects include creating patterns for designer Xavier Lavergne, graphic and colorful animations for the Center Pompidou and Arte, as well as illustrations for magazines such as Socialter and Reliefs.

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