Celeste Jamneck

Celeste Jamneck



Storyteller, Character Designer and Teacher.

"I was born and raised in South Africa, and loved anything to do with animation from a very young age. Not only did I adore Disney and Don Bluth films, but I also loved reading books like Redwall, Harry Potter and Terry Pratchett as well as comics like Calvin and Hobbes and the Asterix books. I loved to invent characters and stories, writing and drawing all over my math textbooks (and getting into trouble for it).

Luckily my parents supported me and sent me off to study Fine Art in Montreal, Canada, after which I went back home to further my foundational studies through an Animation Diploma. This would open up my career for me, as it led to my working at Triggerfish Animation Studios on a soon to be released Disney Junior series called Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes.

I was also accepted to study my Masters’ at Gobelins l’Ecole de l’Image on a scholarship from Netflix, and that is where I met my future teammates who would work with me to create the multiple award winning student short film, The Soloists. A few months after graduation (and due to my 9 years of study), I was offered a position as a Professor of Animation at The Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, where I currently live and work.

In my spare time I have also worked on many freelance projects as a Character Designer and Concept Artist. Some of these include two projects for Kizazi Moto (a future Disney+ series) and and a Star Wars: Visions project titled "Aau's Song" via Triggerfish Animation Studios; a pitch project for Giant Animation Studios; a Tarot-style board game for a Metal Band called Valhalore (based in Australia) and countless bits and bobs for the Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes series.

I love teaching and guiding others with their own projects, and I see my current teaching experience as a stepping stone to Directing as well as nurturing and guiding the new generation in the industry. In my spare time I keep drawing and sculpting for pleasure, as well as writing and creating my own stories and worlds - which I plan to develop into games, books and comics in the near future."


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