Myles McLeod

Myles McLeod



Myles McLeod is a BAFTA Award winning writer. He has written over a hundred screenplays for children's TV, has penned internationally recognized short films, written five published books, as well as lyrics and poetry. He has created shows including DreamWorks' Noddy Toyland Detective, Circle Square and Saskatoons. He often collaborates with his brother and together they are known as The Brothers McLeod. Myles also collaborates with his wife Evgenia Golubeva including, notably, on the multi-award winning short The Witch and the Baby. In 2011 Myles and his brother Greg won a BAFTA Children's Award for their work on Quiff and Boot for the BBC. Myles is also a voice actor for animation and has performed for the BBC, Disney and the Royal Shakespeare Company.


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