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Valentine Vendroux


January 1, 1970


Valentine Vendroux is a director, animator and illustrator. After a birth in 1997, she decided in 2015 to integrate the preparatory animation of the Atelier de Sèvres out of curiosity and especially because she wanted to draw. She quickly fell in love with this universe that she did not know at all. She then joined the first class of the Atelier Supérieur d'Animation and came out with a fine diploma in 2019. It was there that she met all her friends from the 99 degrees collective and that was the start of the great adventure. She is curious to draw everything, but has a particular attraction for bodies and their movements. The stories she tells are everyday stories, everyday anecdotes. Then she seasons these stories with absurdity, humor and naive graphics that change shape according to the action it tells.


Films on Vurchel

The Thundered Man
Directed by