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Maura Foley

Maura Foley



Maura, originally from Co.Offaly now based in Dublin, is a professional actress with a long track record as a voice artist on animation and young people’s content including: 44 x 4′ episodes playing the lead role of DR. KNOWLES on CBBC’s Brain Freeze. 26 x 11″ episodes playing both RED SQUIRREL and FAB FOX on Turnip + Duck’s Critters TV for RTEjr. 26 x 5′ episodes SERIES NARRATOR on the preschool series Pins & Nettie for Daily Madness Productions Most recently, Maura plays the role of MUM on the RTÉjr Radio series Maddie & Triggs -15 x 7′ episodes. Maura is experienced, professional, versatile, fun to work with and loves playing cartoon characters! She trained at the Gaiety school of Acting and The Factory actors studio. Maura is also a Primary school teacher. Her teaching skills and experience inform her performances for children’s animation and narration.

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