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Manolo Solo

Manolo Solo



Manuel Fernández Serrano, known artistically as Manolo Solo (Algeciras), is a Spanish actor, winner of a Goya. Likewise, he has acted in television series and plays. He has also worked as a musician and as an actor, adjuster and dubbing director.2
Manolo Solo at the 2018 Goya Awards
Graduated in Educational Sciences from the University of Seville.4 He studied at the Seville Theater Institute without graduating. He has been nominated for a Goya for B, the film in which he played Judge Pablo Ruz, and for The Good Patron, in which he played Miralles. He won the Goya for supporting actor for Tarde para la ira in 2016. He won four awards from the Actors' Union in consecutive years: For best supporting actor in film in 2015 for La isla minima; 2016 for B, the movie and 2017 for Tarde para la ira and for best secondary theater performance for Smoking room in 2018. He has also received the Carmen award from the Andalusian Film Academy in 2021 for El Buen Patron as well as lifetime achievement awards. in several film festivals (the Luz, at the Ibero-American Festival of Huelva in 2018; the Francisco Elías at the Islantilla Festival in 2022 and the Talento Andaluz Canal Sur at the Málaga Festival 2003).

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