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Gregory Koefer

Gregory Koefer

Gregory Köfer

Gregory Köfer is an Award-Winning Director with Swiss/Spanish roots based in Dubai with a background as Editor. The art of storytelling always fascinated him which led him to further center his attention on writing screenplays. Combined with his passion for psychology, philosophy, anime and enigmatic cinema it makes him the unique Director he is today. Story is a fundamental principle of Filmmaking and his primary focus lays in evoking emotions. He applies this Philosophy throughout his work, both Narratives and Commercials.
The Commercial world led him to direct global Talents and work with International Companies such as Red Bull, Masdar, Allianz, Pringles, Porsche, and Montblanc across MENA, EU & America. In the realms of Narratives, his achievements include a 60-minute Feature Film that won “Best Indie Feature Film Berlin” and recently finished a Short Film fully shot using Virtual Production which has won Multiple Awards from around the world. If you need something with a twist, Gregory is the right person for you.

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