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Michael Lawrence Bates

Michael Lawrence Bates

Michael Lawrence Bates a.k.a. Beau Bates is a bombast Vancouver born Whistlerite who is elated by the surrounding mountains. Raised up Snowboarding and expressing himself through art, Michael’s revelled reveries irrevocably redolent with a motley of skill utilizing a myriad of mediums married with life’s moments and experiences creates a scintillating sublimation on the scene. His moxie takes high aim at a moonshot always, meanwhile carving corners; cutting shapes; continuously exploring extremes inducing ecstasy while exciting self-expression; straight-line from peaks; touring across glaciers; descending bowls with smoke-like-puffs ascending around him. His mouth open with a full crescent on his mug through all weather; exhaustion or any other worry forgotten while waist deep in Nature (on all levels), whether dry powder or a wet line taut in lake bodies, picture a cup perpetually full like rivers rote routing down to the ocean as roots of increasing pleasure branch out... only the present matters while drinking it all in. All one must do is reach. Nature is such an intoxicating treat, like grasping knowledge’s nourishment, so sweet! What heights of expression can one breach..

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