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Valentina Homem

Valentina Homem

Valentina Homem is a Brazilian artist, as of 2016 she was completing her MFA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University, US. Her artistic research and work lie at the intersections between documentary, performance and visual arts. She directed Granny (6', 2002), With a Camera (4', 2006), Speak Up! (17', 2005), Landscaping (37', 2007), New Order (5', 2010), Brócolis (13', 2015) - all of which premiered at several international film festivals - and Abigail (17', Director's Fortnight 2016). Valentina created the video installation The Tale of The Void (US/Brazil, 2013) and the solo performance Is The Transformation (in fact) Silent? (Portugal, 2015). In 2016, Valentina began developing the short animation The Tale of The Yellow Girl; and her first feature film, Last Dance For Grandma In Three Acts.

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