Júlia Lerch

Júlia Lerch



My Name is Júlia Lerch, I was born in 1989 in Budapest, Hungary. In my practice, I am interested in combining different mediums – for example using graphic design elements in video production – to create unique cross media works that engage audiences across platforms. My newer works are based on social issues, such as human needs, wants and desires. I like to integrate my lived experiences and people’s personal stories into my practice in an effort to create more engaging works.I like to experiment new mediums.

Outside of my personal art practice, I am actively involved in communities in both the Budapest & international art sphere. I am a contributing member of an all girl zine community called ZINA – a Hungarian illustration and comic anthology, published quarterly in different forms. I am also a founder of the Hungarian zine festival, called Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt.


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