Ivan Pavlov

Иван Павлов



I decided to become an animator when I was young . I liked games, cartoons and could to watch them all the time. At 18 I finished art college and from that time I became a professional animator. Day after day I tried to learn something new about animation. After college I finished Institute of Cinematography where I developed my skills of painting, 3D and 2d animation. The first studio where I got a job was a game studio, where I worked as cinematic and game animator. At the same time, I continued to improve my skills at online animation schools such as Ianimate, Animsquad, the Animation collaborative. After my study I got an offer in a big tv studio in Russia where I could grow from animator to lead animator working on a big tv real show with 3d characters. I continued to improve skills and participated in several Russian animation feature films such as The Snow queen of Wizard animation studio. After that I got an offer to become director and supervisor of animation at Tv show. It was very successful project and Disney channel bought our movie.
Next studio for me was Framestore where I worked on as character animator at Disney feature film The Cristopher Robin. It was very strong experience for me, where I knew a lot of things about pipeline in the big studios. After finish the project I moved to Scotland where I started to work as Senior animator at Axis studio. I love this period where I have got chance to participate at interesting projects such as Happy 2 and several cinematics of game League of legents, Summoners war, Gears 5.
I decided to try myself in realistic animation and moved to MPC studio in London where worked on big feature films which are not released yet. I’m really thankful to my directors, leads and colleagues for that interesting experience.


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