Roser Capdevila Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at Animac 2024

Roser Capdevila. Image: Animac
Roser Capdevila. Image: Animac

Short Summary:

Roser Capdevila, the illustrious illustrator behind "The Three Twins," will be awarded the Trajectory Award at Animac 2024. This recognition highlights her contributions to children's literature and animation, showcasing her work's significant cultural impact.

The International Animated Film Festival of Catalonia, Animac, has announced that Roser Capdevila, the renowned Barcelona-born illustrator, writer, and creator, will be the recipient of the Trajectory Award at its 28th edition. Capdevila is celebrated for her creation of "The Three Twins" (Las Tres Mellizas), a series that has become a staple in children's animation and literature, not just in Spain but globally.

Roser Capdevila's career began in the visual arts, transitioning from fabric prints and traditional painting to children's book illustration in the 1980s. Her most famous work, "The Three Twins," was inspired by her daughters and has reached audiences worldwide through a successful TV series broadcast in over 158 countries. Capdevila's contributions to the field have been vast, with her books being translated into 35 languages and her characters, including a claymation chicken named Koki and the "Three Baby Twins" series, beloved by many.

Her accolades include the Premi Nacional de Cinema i d’ Audiovisual and Creu de Sant Jordi from the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Trajectory Award from the Gremi d’Editors de Catalunya, the Gold Medal of Fine Arts from the Ministry of Culture, and other honors recognizing her significant contributions to arts and culture.

Animac 2024, under the theme of "Diversity," aims to showcase the varied voices, stories, and characters in contemporary animation, reflecting the industry's shift towards inclusivity and representation of diverse human experiences. The festival will feature monographic sessions, retrospectives, and a selection of short and feature films from around the world, alongside conferences and masterclasses designed for audiences of all backgrounds.

In addition to Capdevila's award, Animac will host screenings of "The Three Twins and Gaudí" and episodes from the series, including a special session for a meeting and book signing with the author. These events underscore the festival's commitment to celebrating influential figures in animation and their impact on popular culture.

For more details, please visit the official Animac website​​.