BAFTA Sets Date for 2025 Film Awards Amid Berlin Festival Clash

Short Summary:

The BAFTA Film Awards 2025 will take place on February 16, clashing with the Berlin Film Festival, and two weeks before the US Academy Awards. BAFTA will announce other key dates later.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has officially scheduled its 2025 film awards ceremony for Sunday, February 16. This date places the event amidst the Berlin Film Festival, which is set to run from February 13 to February 23, continuing a long-standing overlap that has been the case for most years since 2004, except in 2020 and 2022.

The timing of the BAFTA ceremony also marks a shift in its proximity to the US Academy Awards, happening just two weeks prior, on March 2. This is a narrower gap compared to the three-week interval observed last year. BAFTA intends to disclose additional critical dates, including those for voting phases, nominations, and longlist announcements, at a subsequent time.

Historically, the BAFTA ceremony has garnered significant viewership. For instance, the previous year's broadcast on BBC One peaked at 3.8 million viewers. The event saw 'Oppenheimer' emerge as a standout, securing seven awards, including the coveted Best Film.