Sundance Film Festival: London 2024 Unveils Diverse Line-up Featuring Global Cinematic Talents

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Sundance Film Festival: London 2024 announced its lineup including 11 feature films and UK shorts, marking its 11th edition. Highlights include the UK premieres of 'Kneecap' and 'Dìdi', celebrating the 40th edition of the Sundance Film Festival. The event runs from June 6-9 at Picturehouse Central, London.
Sundance Film Festival
United States (USA)

As the Sundance Film Festival celebrates its 40th year, its London counterpart, Sundance Film Festival: London, readies to impress British audiences with an ambitious lineup from June 6-9 at Picturehouse Central. This year’s festival, marking its 11th edition, stands out with its blend of 11 feature films, a curated selection of UK short films, and a segment celebrating past festival favorites.

The festival kicks off with the UK premiere of "Kneecap," an Irish-language film by Rich Peppiatt, capturing the vibrant spirit of a Northern Irish rap group. The closing night will feature "Dìdi" by Sean Wang, a poignant exploration of adolescence through the eyes of a Taiwanese American teenager in California.

The feature film selection boasts a variety of narratives and documentaries that have captivated audiences at the Sundance Festival in Utah earlier this year. Highlights include "Sasquatch Sunset" by David and Nathan Zellner, a quirky take on the Sasquatch legend, and "Rob Peace," a biographical drama directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Another noteworthy entry is "Girls Will Be Girls" from India, which won the Audience Award: World Cinema Dramatic at Sundance.

Documentary offerings are equally compelling, with "Skywalkers: A Love Story" by Jeff Zimbalist, exploring the daring feats of a couple against the backdrop of the world's tallest buildings, and "Never Look Away" by Lucy Lawless, delving into the life of trailblazing camerawoman Margaret Moth.

This year also reintroduces the popular Surprise Film, offering festival-goers the thrill of the unexpected, continuing a tradition that has included notable past surprises like "Bodies Bodies Bodies."

Eugene Hernandez, Director of the Sundance Film Festival, expressed enthusiasm for the festival’s return to London, highlighting the rich selection of films that promise to deliver an immersive experience for attendees. Clare Binns, Managing Director of Picturehouse Cinemas, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the exceptional quality of this year's lineup.

In addition to the main features, the festival honors its roots with a special program dedicated to UK shorts, underscoring its commitment to nurturing local talent and providing them with an international platform.

Full Programme Listings:

Fiction Feature Films:

  • "Dìdi" / United States (Director: Sean Wang)
  • "Girls Will Be Girls" / India, France, Norway (Director: Shuchi Talati)
  • "Handling the Undead" / Norway (Director: Thea Hvistendahl)
  • "I Saw the TV Glow" / United States (Director: Jane Schoenbrun)
  • "Kneecap" / Ireland (Director: Rich Peppiatt)
  • "My Old Ass" / United States (Director: Megan Park)
  • "Rob Peace" / United States (Director: Chiwetel Ejiofor)
  • "Sasquatch Sunset" / United States (Directors: David and Nathan Zellner)
  • "Your Monster" / United States (Director: Caroline Lindy)

Documentary Feature Films:

  • "Skywalkers: A Love Story" / United States (Director: Jeff Zimbalist)
  • "Never Look Away" / New Zealand (Director: Lucy Lawless)

UK Shorts Programme:

  • "Alo" / United Kingdom (Director: Xenia Glen)
  • "Essex Girls" / United Kingdom (Director: Yero Timi-Biu)
  • "Good Boy" / United Kingdom (Director: Tom Stuart)
  • "Mamu" / United Kingdom, Taiwan (Director: Aephie Chen)
  • "[S]" / United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria (Director: Mario Radev)
  • "Salone Love" / United Kingdom, USA (Director: Tajana Tokyo)
  • "Shé (Snake)" / United Kingdom, USA (Director: Renee Zhan)

This robust lineup not only reflects the rich history and diversity of the Sundance Film Festival but also its ongoing mission to spotlight groundbreaking filmmakers and their compelling narratives to a global audience.