Sundance Festival to Possibly Relocate in 2027, Seeks Information from Cities

Short Summary:

Sundance Institute opens an RFI and RFP process to select new U.S. host locations for its film festival from 2027. The current contract in Park City, Utah ends in 2026, prompting a review of potential sites to maintain the festival's inclusive and artist-focused ethos.
Sundance Film Festival
United States (USA)

The Sundance Institute announced today the commencement of a Request for Information (RFI), to be followed by a Request for Proposal (RFP), aimed at exploring potential U.S. cities to host the Sundance Film Festival starting in 2027. This significant move may end the festival's long-standing relationship with Park City, Utah, after its contract concludes in 2026.

The RFI, which opened today and will close on May 1, precedes an RFP phase beginning on May 7. This structured approach seeks to ensure the festival continues to serve its community sustainably while adhering to its core mission of promoting independent storytelling. Eugene Hernandez, Director of the Sundance Film Festival and Public Programming, emphasized the institute's dedication to inclusivity and sustainability, stating, "This exploration allows us to responsibly consider how we best continue sustainably serving our community while maintaining the essence of the Festival experience."

Sundance's connection with Utah, spanning over 40 years, has been profound, with shared cultural achievements that have shaped the festival's identity. However, the search for new locations indicates a strategic shift aimed at addressing the evolving needs of the independent film community and expanding its global footprint.

The selection process will gather critical logistical information from interested cities across the United States, including Utah. Sundance Institute will review these submissions to determine the most suitable locations that align with the festival's values of inclusion, racial equity, accessibility, and belonging.

Founded in 1981 by Robert Redford, the Sundance Institute has been instrumental in fostering independent filmmaking. Through its various programs, the institute supports filmmakers globally, ensuring a diverse range of voices are heard. The festival itself, held each January, has introduced audiences to groundbreaking films and fresh perspectives, making it a vital platform for new talent and innovative storytelling.

As the RFI and RFP processes unfold, the Sundance Institute remains committed to a transparent and inclusive selection process, inviting potential hosts to share in the responsibility of nurturing and supporting the independent film sector. This exploration not only reflects the dynamic landscape of independent cinema but also the festival's commitment to adapting and evolving to meet the needs of artists and audiences alike.