Manipulated Puppetry Takes Center Stage at Anifilm This Year

Short Summary:

Anifilm's 2024 theme is focused on the genre of manipulated puppets, highlighting its significance in the film industry. The festival will feature iconic films, tributes to Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and explore works by DEFA studio. Highlights include screenings of "Team America: World Police," the premiere of "Rally," "Scandinavian Puppets," "Dark Crystal," and children's programs. An exhibition in Liberec complements the lineup.

Anifilm, the renowned film festival, has chosen manipulated puppets as its theme for 2024, aligning with the premiere of "Big Man," a sequel to the 2015 film "Little Man." This year's focus aims to shed light on a genre that, while sometimes marginalized, has contributed significantly to both historical and contemporary film landscapes. The festival will present a comprehensive overview of manipulated puppetry, showcasing its evolution and enduring appeal through a variety of screenings and activities.

The festival will honor the legacy of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with a special lecture by Ben Page, a Scottish expert on their work. Attendees will also be treated to previews of three seminal series by the Andersons, further enriching the festival's exploration of puppetry in film.

In a dedication to the depth of this genre, Anifilm has curated two blocks of short films and will spotlight the work of the Dresden-based DEFA studio, known for its innovative use of puppetry. The feature film segment includes a midnight screening of "Team America: World Police," the world premiere of "Rally" by Televize Estráda, the enchanting "Scandinavian Puppets," and the visually stunning "Dark Crystal."

For younger audiences, Anifilm's children's program, Animo, will feature delightful puppet-based films such as "Fireflies," "Spejbl and Hurvínek," and the educational "TvMiniUni." This initiative ensures that the appreciation and enjoyment of manipulated puppetry can be shared across generations.

Complementing the festival's screenings, the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec will host the exhibition "Beyond the Boundaries of Animation: Manipulated Puppets in Czech Filmmaking." This exhibition promises to offer visitors an in-depth look at the rich history and creative prowess of Czech puppetry in cinema.

Anifilm's focus on manipulated puppets not only highlights a unique and artistic filmmaking technique but also celebrates the creativity and storytelling prowess that puppetry brings to the cinematic world. The festival's lineup, filled with both iconic and rare films, underscores the genre's versatility and its capacity to enchant audiences of all ages.