ITFS 2024 Unveils Nominees for Prestigious Project Competitions

Short Summary:

The International Trick Film Festival Stuttgart (ITFS) 2024 has announced the nominees for its project competitions, covering innovative business models, screenplays, and animated games. Awards include the Trickstar Business Award, the German Animation Screenplay Award, and the Animated Games Award Germany, with ceremonies to be held on April 25.

The International Trick Film Festival Stuttgart (ITFS) is gearing up for an exciting round of awards as part of its 2024 edition. Among the festivities, the AniX Awards ceremony, scheduled for Thursday, April 25 at 7 pm in the Filmmakers’ Lounge at the Festival Centre – Haus der Katholischen Kirche Stuttgart, will spotlight groundbreaking talents across various animation sectors. Hosted by Olivier Samter, the event will feature the Trickstar Business Award, the German Animation Screenplay Award, and the Animated Games Award Germany.

Trickstar Business Award Nominees

This award celebrates the most innovative and groundbreaking business model in animation, offering a cash prize of €7,500, courtesy of the Verband Region Stuttgart. The nominees are:

  • Black Goblin (United Kingdom): A firm led by CEO Ana Betancourt, specializing in film and TV tech, audiotech, and mediatech.
  • CEE Animation – Animation Hub (Czech Republic): Managed by Lea Pagacova, focusing on distribution, promotion, and education within animation.
  • Those Production Girls (South Africa): A production company for film, TV, and games, headed by producer Kaya Kuhn.
  • Zeuniks (Germany): A creative studio and merchandise store, with David Aguirre Hoffmann as Art Director & Illustrator.

German Animation Screenplay Award Nominees

This accolade honors the best German screenplay for an animated feature film and includes a cash prize of €2,500 sponsored by Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart (AMCRS), with an additional award for the screenplay with the greatest international market potential, accompanied by a €1,500 prize from Pink Parrot Media. The contenders are:

  • Billie Beat by Beke Rienitz
  • Das NEINhorn by Marc-Uwe Kling and Marcus Sauermann
  • The Ogglies – Rexy Alarm! by Toby Genkel
  • Out of Frame by Giles New and Keiron Self

The Animated Games Award Germany Nominees

With a €5,000 prize sponsored by MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg, this award recognizes the best animation-based German computer game. The nominees include:

  • SHADOW GAMBIT: THE CURSED CREW by Mimimi Games GmbH, a stealth-strategy genre.
  • TOUCH TYPE TALE by Pumpernickel Studio GmbH & Co.KG, published by Epic Games, Inc., in the realtime strategy & typing game genre.
  • FALL OF PORCUPINE by CRITICAL RABBIT GmbH, categorized under story adventure.
  • CLOSER THE DISTANCE by Osmotic Studios GmbH, a narrative life-simulation published by Skybound Games.
  • EVERSPACE 2 by ROCKFISH Games GmbH, an action-role playing looter-shooter game.

The ITFS continues to serve as a platform for innovation and storytelling within the global animation community, celebrating the creative talents behind the industry’s future.