Annecy Festival Residency 2024 Welcomes New Residents for an Artistic Endeavor

Short Summary:

The 2024 Annecy Festival Residency introduces its mentors: Céline Sciamma, Valérie Zenatti, Vanessa Chenaie, Kim Keukeleire, Patrice Suau, and Graham Annable, guiding residents Sofía Carrillo, Marie Deboissy, and Tigran Arakelyan. The residency focuses on script and graphic development, aiming to foster creativity and innovation.

The Annecy Festival Residency has officially introduced its six esteemed mentors for the 2024 edition, welcoming Céline Sciamma, Valérie Zenatti, Vanessa Chenaie, Kim Keukeleire, Patrice Suau, and Graham Annable. These mentors will be guiding the three selected residents: Sofía Carrillo, Marie Deboissy, and Tigran Arakelyan through a comprehensive three-month creative program in Annecy's premier creative hub, Les Papeteries – Image Factory.

Each year, the residency, renowned for its commitment to fostering original artistry, provides personalized support to its participants. This includes intensive script mentoring before the residency to refine storylines and character development, alongside graphic development sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance each project's visual narrative, from its identity and layout to initial animation sketches, ensuring a holistic development approach.

For its fourth iteration, the residency meticulously matched mentors with residents based on the specific needs and aspirations of each project, ensuring a bespoke mentorship experience. This year's projects and their respective mentor pairings are as follows:

  • Insectarium by Sofía Carrillo, with Céline Sciamma (script) and Kim Keukeleire (graphics)
  • Le Cabanon de l’oncle Jo by Marie Deboissy, mentored by Valérie Zenatti (script) and Patrice Suau (graphics)
  • Zako by Tigran Arakelyan, with Vanessa Chenaie (script) and Graham Annable (graphics)

This mentor-resident pairing not only promises to enrich the residents' projects but also offers a unique opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning and experimentation, under the guidance of accomplished professionals in the field.

The residency is an eagerly awaited feature of the Annecy Festival, known for its pivotal role in bringing fresh talent and innovative projects to the forefront of the animation industry. With the mentorship phase now underway, the artistic journey of this year's residents is set to culminate in a showcase event.

All eyes are on the upcoming presentation, scheduled for Tuesday, 11th June 2024, from 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm at the Impérial Palace, where the outcomes of this year's residency will be unveiled. This event not only marks the culmination of months of creative endeavor but also celebrates the continuous evolution of animation as an art form, championed by the Annecy Festival Residency.