Hiroshima Animation Season 2024 Announces Jury and Program Highlights

Short Summary:

The Hiroshima Animation Season 2024 (HAS2024) in Japan announces its first round of jury members and program details, including retrospectives and special screenings. The jury features international figures like Joaquín Cociña and Stéphane Aubier. Additionally, three artists are selected for the H-AIR residency, promising unique workshops and public engagement.

The Hiroshima Animation Season 2024 (HAS2024), scheduled from August 14 to 18 at JMS Aster Plaza in Hiroshima, Japan, has revealed its initial lineup of jury members and program highlights. This early announcement sheds light on the distinguished figures and the rich diversity of screenings and events attendees can expect.

Jury Announcements: For its competitive segments, "Short Competition" and "Pan-Pacific and Asia Youth Competition," HAS2024 has unveiled a panel of international jury members renowned in the animation field:

  • Joaquín Cociña (Chile)
  • Moon Sujin (Korea)
  • Atsushi Wada (Japan)
  • Waltraud Glausgruber (Austria)
  • Jian Liu (China)
  • Wang Chi-Sui (Taiwan)
  • Stéphane Aubier (Belgium)

The specific assignments for each jury member will be disclosed in the coming months. These experts are also scheduled to visit Japan, enriching the festival with their presence.

Program Highlights: HAS2024 is gearing up to offer a plethora of engaging programs, including several retrospectives dedicated to the jury members’ works. Notable screenings and events include:

  • A significant retrospective on "The Wolf House" by León & Cociña, with Joaquín Cociña introducing the film.
  • A special feature on "A Town Called Panic," complemented by a discussion with co-director Stéphane Aubier.
  • Retrospectives focused on the works of Jian Liu and Atsushi Wada.
  • Festival Focus segments highlighting Waltraud Glausgruber from the "Tricky Woman/Tricky Realities Film Festival" and Wang Chi-Sui from the "Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF)."

More program details will be announced as they become finalized.

Hiroshima Artist-in-Residence (H-AIR) Selections: This year, the H-AIR program has chosen three artists from a competitive pool of 97 applicants. The selected artists are:

  • Britt Raes (Belgium)
  • Daniel Wesseik (Netherlands)
  • Moon Sujin (Korea)

These artists, noted for their international achievements, will reside in Hiroshima City from June, engaging in the creation of new animations, hosting workshops, and participating in public exchanges. Their stay will culminate in a presentation during HAS2024.