Annecy Festival 2024 Unveils Official Selection for TV and Commissioned Films

Short Summary:

The Annecy Festival 2024 announces its Official Selection for TV and Commissioned Films, showcasing 36 commissioned films across 15 nationalities and 24 TV films from 12 countries. The selection includes a mix of series, specials, educational content, advertisements, and music videos, highlighting women and non-binary directors' contributions.

The Annecy Festival, known for celebrating the finest in animation, has made its latest announcement for the 2024 edition, detailing the Official Selection for TV and Commissioned Films. This follows their prior revelation of selections for Short Films and Graduation Films, further solidifying Annecy's role as a premier global animation platform.

In the Commissioned Films category, the festival presents a compelling collection of 36 works spanning 15 different nationalities. This diverse selection is categorized into 7 educational films, 20 advertising films, and 9 music videos, with a significant representation from women and non-binary directors—15 films directed or co-directed by women and two by non-binary individuals.

The TV Films selection comprises 24 films from 12 countries, including 19 series and 5 specials, with 8 films directed or co-directed by women. The selection this year has been adjusted due to the longer running times of the entries, resulting in fewer screenings. This section is notable for its inclusion of familiar characters such as Peanuts and Beavis and Butt-Head, with productions from France, the United Kingdom, and the USA taking a prominent position. Additionally, it marks a significant milestone with the competition's first Nigerian series entry, showcasing the growing influence of African animation on the global stage.

Marcel Jean, the Artistic Director of the Annecy Festival, expressed enthusiasm for the selection, noting the diversity and the development of animation in Africa as highlighted by the inclusion of a Nigerian series. This selection not only celebrates the rich variety of animation across continents but also underscores the festival's commitment to recognizing emerging trends and talents in the field.

As attendees and participants look forward to discovering the array of films selected for this year's festival, the Annecy Festival continues to uphold its tradition of bringing together the best of global animation, offering a platform for creative expression, innovation, and international collaboration.

Commissioned Films in Competition

  • "Federal Owl Commission": OIAF 23 Festival Signal Film / Matthew Rankin (Canada)
  • "Trailer: Love" / Sander Joon (Estonia)
  • "The Seed" / Suresh Eriyat (India)
  • "The Cute Cat ID" / Silvia Prietov (Colombia)
  • "Magic Buzz" / Julia Muller (Germany)
  • "Change the Ending" / Derek Picken (United Kingdom)
  • "Worms" / Raman Djafari (Germany)
  • "More of the Good Stuff" / Paulo André Dantas Garcia (Brazil)
  • "Ma mère" / Chaïtane Conversat (France)
  • "Chantelouve" / Regina Pessoa (France, Portugal)
  • "Étoile filante" / Kelzang Ravach (France)
  • "Too Late" / Victor Haegelin (France)
  • "DOA 2023" / John Christian Ferner Apalnes (Norway)
  • "Sangre entre las piernas" / Frédérick Venet (France, Georgia)
  • "The Madhouse" / Nella Addy (United Kingdom)
  • "Worlds 2023 Anthem – League of Legends" / Marie Hyon, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss (USA)
  • "Exquisite Corpse" / Amanda Bonaiuto, Paul Cabon, Robert Loebel, Sachio Cook, Sander Joon, Sarina Nihei (USA)
  • "I Had Nothing" / Elyse Kelly (USA)
  • "Festival Trailer" / Anne Isensee (Germany)
  • "Rapper's Delight" / Stéphane Berla (France)
  • "Fish" / Gabriela Orozco (Mexico)
  • "Naraka: Bladepoint – Asian Games" / Paulo André Dantas Garcia (Brazil)
  • "Opener 2023" / Will Anderson (United Kingdom)
  • "2023 Opening Titles" / Erwin Van Den Ijssel (Netherlands)
  • "Best Seller" / Tariq Ali, Maged Nassar (Egypt)
  • "Rivière sans retour" / David Stora (France)
  • "My Way" / Jésica Bianchi (Argentina)
  • "Trailer" / Titouan Tillier (France)
  • "Does Planting Trees Actually Cool the Planet?" / Thomas Johnson Volda, Ivana Bosnjak Volda (USA, Croatia)
  • "How Did South African Apartheid Happen, and How Did It Finally End?" / Aya Marzouk (USA, South Africa, Egypt)
  • "Launch Film" / Ingi Erlingsson, Stefan Falconer, Charles Bigeast (United Kingdom)
  • "Valsa la vista !" / Selma Maillard (France)
  • "Verificables: Xika vs la desinformación" / Mariano Fernandez Russo (Argentina)
  • "We Campaign Because They Can't" / Dane Winn (United Kingdom)
  • "Dance to Live" / Moises Arancibia, Pablo González (Switzerland)
  • "Up in Smoke" / Yannis Konstantinidis (United Kingdom)

TV Films in Competition

  • ¡Yo te adopto! "Pedro y Kuky" / María Rosario Carlino, Itati Romero (Argentina)
  • A Bear Named Wojtek / Iain Gardner (United Kingdom, Poland)
  • Bad Bad Belgium "Uranium" / Jasper Declercq, Jonas F.J. Wellens, Wouter Medaer (Belgium)
  • Behind the Beats "Salsa Meets R&B: A Story of Latin Pop (Featuring Kali Uchis)" / Baptiste Jaquemet (France)
  • Blue Eye Samurai "The Tale of the Ronin and the Bride" / Michael Green (Japan)
  • Clawlolo "Gramophone" / Alexey Alekseev (Cyprus)
  • In the Know "Episode 105" / Brandon Gardner, Zach Woods (USA)
  • La Vie de château "Le Fantôme de Versailles" / Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat, Nathaniel H'Limi (France)
  • Lola et le Piano à bruits / Augusto Zanovello (France, Poland, Switzerland)
  • Mike Judge's Beavis & Butt-Head "Sleepover" / Geoffrey Johnson (USA)
  • O Diário de Alice / Diogo Viegas (Portugal)
  • Petite Casbah "La Gifle" / Antoine Colomb (France, Belgium)
  • Pip and Posy Let's Learn "All About Butterflies" / Leigh Fieldhouse, Joanna Hepworth (United Kingdom)
  • Pokemon Concierge "Episode 2: What's on Your Mind" / Iku Ogawa (Japan)
  • Smiling Friends "A Allen Adventure" / Zach Hadel, Michael Cusack (Australia)
  • Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin / Raymond Persi (USA)
  • Tabby McTat / Sarah Scrimgeour, Jac Hamman (United Kingdom)
  • The EKSPATS "We’re Going to Africa" / Ron Myrick, Adebisi Adetayo, Mbuotidem Johnson (Nigeria)
  • The Mouse Mansion, Sam & Julia "The Story with no End" / Régis Vidal (France)
  • The Very Small Creatures "The Farm" / Lucy Izzard (United Kingdom)
  • Un air de Glissant "Les yeux la voix" / Raphaëlle Hayot, Alain Bidard, Julie De Halleux, Olivier Patté, Marie Merigot, Singeon Singeon, France Lazare, Valérie Pirson, Gilles Elie-Dit-Cosaque, Ange Zéphyr (France)
  • Une guitare à la mer / Sophie Roze (France)
  • Wow Lisa "Conchitas" / Maria Elisa Soto-Aguilar, Antonia Herrera (Chile)
  • Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead "Akira of the Dead" / Kazuki Kawagoe (Japan)