Graduation Films from 23 Countries Make the Cut for Annecy 2024 Official Selection

Short Summary:

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival announced its 2024 Graduation Films Official Selection, featuring 40 films from 23 countries, highlighting diverse techniques and themes. France, the UK, and the USA lead in contributions, with an array of storytelling styles focused on humor, intimacy, and experimental approaches.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival, renowned for its celebration of animated filmmaking, has unveiled the Official Selection of Graduation Films set to compete in its 2024 edition. Amidst a record-breaking 1,194 submissions, 40 films from 23 diverse countries have been chosen, showcasing a wide spectrum of narrative themes and animation techniques.

Countries leading the selection include France, with seven films submitted by six different schools, the United Kingdom with four contributions from three institutions, and the United States, presenting three films from three schools. This year's selection is marked by its international diversity, featuring entries from nations as varied as Lebanon, Costa Rica, Sweden, Mexico, India, and Finland.

The selection committee, including member Marie-Pauline Mollaret, emphasized the eclectic nature of this year’s films. The 2024 lineup is noted for its broad array of themes ranging from intimate portrayals of family and romantic relationships to explorations of grief and resilience. Moreover, the selection does not shy away from genre films, including horror, futurism, and parody, alongside ambitious experimental works that push the boundaries of student creativity.

A noteworthy aspect of this year's selection is the gender diversity among directors, with 18 films helmed by women, 21 by men, and one by a non-binary individual. In terms of animation techniques, stop-motion and painting on glass are particularly prevalent, reflecting ongoing trends in the animation industry. The festival also observes a shift towards longer film durations, mirroring patterns seen in the short films category.

The Annecy Festival is set to take place from June 9th to 15th, 2024, offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience the latest in animated filmmaking from emerging talent worldwide. This Official Selection not only highlights the innovation and creativity of new filmmakers but also underscores the festival's role in shaping the future of animation. Attendees are encouraged to check the full list of competing graduation films and learn more about the selection committee in anticipation of enjoying these works in theatres during the festival.

Graduation Films in Competition

  1. 7 Missing / Yuval Katz (Israel)
  2. Adiós / José Prats (United Kingdom)
  3. Apartment 203 / Mariana Moreno Bernal, Eduardo Poiré Couto (Mexico)
  4. Ardent Other / Alice Brygo (France)
  5. Between You and Me / Cameron Kletke (Canada)
  6. Carrotica / Daniel Sterlin-Altmann (Germany)
  7. Claw / Lucas Ferrer (France)
  8. Crow Man / Yohann Abdelnour (Lebanon)
  9. Echoes / Robinson Drossos (France)
  10. Echoes of Grief / Verena Repar (Austria)
  11. Frite sans maillot / Matteo Salanave Piazza (France)
  12. Girls' Hair / Klara Thafvelin (Sweden)
  13. Hic svnt dracones / Justin Fayard (France)
  14. Humantis / Paris Baillie (USA)
  15. I Wanna Be a Statue / Harvey Auerbach-Dunn (United Kingdom)
  16. Is This Now the Time I Should Let You Go? / Yi-Chin Tsai (Finland, Taiwan, Belgium, Portugal)
  17. Maatitel / Govinda Sao (India)
  18. Mary: Through Glass / Wyatt Carson (USA)
  19. Minus Plus Multiply / Chu-Chieh Lee (United Kingdom)
  20. Moving Mountains / Jessica Poon (Germany)
  21. Piiritajad / Ada Napiórkowski (Estonia)
  22. Plevel / Pola Kazak (Czech Republic)
  23. Pres strepy / Natálie Durchánková (Czech Republic)
  24. Prozori s južne strane / Eugen Bilankov (Croatia)
  25. Pubert Jimbob / Quirijn Dees (Belgium)
  26. Return / Lindong Chen (Japan)
  27. Sangre petrolera / Alejandro Jiménez Mora (Costa Rica)
  28. Searching for the 5th Direction / Schüpbach Matthias (Switzerland)
  29. Ser semilla / Julia Granillo Tostado (Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Mexico)
  30. Sheep Out / Zofia Klamka (Poland)
  31. Show / Jagoda Czarnowska (Poland)
  32. Tabac froid / Arthur Jamain (France)
  33. The Bubby Bear Show / Thavin Vongpatanasin (USA)
  34. The Last Visit / Warutkomain Keawalee (Estonia)
  35. The Monster / Ruby Yang, Bomin Kim (South Korea)
  36. The Time Botanist / Glenn Paul-Parvenu (France)
  37. To the Brink / Hugo Docking (United Kingdom)
  38. Waterpark / Ross Malo (Ireland)
  39. Yapolaponky / Masataka Kihara (Japan)
  40. You Are the Truck and I Am the Deer / Max Ferguson (Belgium)