Winners of the 29th Suzdal Animation Festival Announced

Short Summary:

The 29th Suzdal Animation Festival concluded with "Her Electric Light" by Anastasia Lisovets winning the Grand Prix. The event also recognized films across various categories, including student, debut, short film, applied animation, series, feature film, and children's film, with a special moment of silence and no entertainment activities in observance of recent events.

The 29th Suzdal Animation Festival, a main event in russian animation industry, recently announced its winners in a ceremony that began with a minute of silence, paying respect amid a somber backdrop, as all entertainment activities were canceled.

The festival's Grand Prix was awarded to "Her Electric Light," directed by Anastasia Lisovets from the School of Design at the Higher School of Economics. This award highlights the festival's commitment to recognizing innovative and compelling storytelling in animation.

Special prizes were given to two films: "My Pushkin" by Yuri Tomilov, produced by Svetlye Istorii, and "Vedriti" by Nikita Meshcheryakov, from Jupiter-XXI LLC. These awards underscore the festival's appreciation for diverse narrative styles and themes within the animation genre.

In the category of Best Student Film, "Wilderness" by Saule Matvienko from the Shar School-Studio received the top prize, with diplomas awarded to "The Search for a Beloved" by Polina Volkova from the VGIC College of Cinema, Television and Multimedia, and "Art is Serious" by Maria Alexeeva and Milena Egorova from the HSE School of Design, recognizing their visual storytelling and dedication to the art of animation.

Jury special mentions were given to "Ow" by Timofey Shilov from the Sergiev Posad branch of VGIC, for its unique portrayal of forest life, and "Hide and Seek" by Polina Kilina from VGIC, for evoking the taste of childhood.

The Best Debut award went to "Teenage Rain" by Maria Savenkova from Jupiter-XXI studio, with a diploma for "Choir" by Angelina Gilderman from Shar studio, praised for its charming simplicity.

In the short film category, "A Stream Running Up a Hill" by Alexander Khramtsov from Shar Studio received the prize, with "We Are Sitting in Quarantine" by Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya from Soyuzmultfilm and "178" by Alexey Alexeev from Riki Production Center receiving diplomas for their expressive and touching storytelling.

"Tinkoff Bank 'Kitty, Breathe Out!' - USB" by Ruslana Mirzaalieva from Petrick Animation Studio won in the Applied Animation category, with "Beast" by Alexey Bovkun from Gluk'oza Animation and "Lighthouse Home Foundation" by Ilya Buzinov from Petrick Animation Studio receiving diplomas for their achievements in animated music videos and social advertising, respectively.

The Best Series award was won by "About the Darkest Matter" (from the series "Detective Finnik") by Ilya Maximov from the Petersburg Computer Animation Studio, with diplomas awarded to "Water Park" (from the series "Chik-Chirikino") by Anton Lanshakov from Parovoz Animation Studio and "Heartfelt Confessions" (from the series "Beastly Detective") by Alexandra Evseeva from METRAFILMS LLC, recognized for their humor and unique storytelling approach.

The Best Feature Film category was dominated by "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf 5" by Konstantin Feoktistov from Melnitsa Studio, with "Barboskins TEAM" by Elena Galdobina and Fedor Dmitriev from Melnitsa Studio receiving a diploma for the best contemporary story for children.

"Three Cats and a Sea of Adventures" by Dmitry Vysotsky from METRAFILM LLC won the Best Film for Children category, further showcasing the festival's focus on content that resonates with younger audiences.

The Metropolitan Nikolai of Akhalkalaki, Kumurdo, and Kars diploma was awarded to "Blossoming Winter" by Alexander Brun'kovsky from First A Studio, recognizing its profound message on human relationships.

Audience favorite on the platform was "Ow" by Timofey Shilov, highlighting the audience's engagement and appreciation for the film's storytelling.

The "Open Premiere" national campaign saw "By the Way, About Birds" by Alla Vartanyan taking the first place, followed by "Space" (from the series "Chik-Chirikino") by Anton Lanshakov, and "How the Goat Built a Hut" by Nadezhda Boyko, demonstrating the diverse range of animation that appeals to the public.

A diploma from the regional film critics was awarded to "Ow" by Timofey Shilov for its expansive creative exploration and deep artistic vision.

The festival committee's "Glory Prize" was presented to the Main Tourist Complex of Suzdal, acknowledging its contribution to the festival's success.

Finally, the professional rating highlighted "Vedriti" by Nikita Meshcheryakov at the top, followed by a diverse range of films including "A Stream Running Up a Hill" by Alexander Khramtsov, and "A Tale of Friendship" by Alexander Guryev, showcasing the high caliber of talent and creativity present at this year's festival.

Complete List of Awarded Films at the 29th Suzdal Animation Festival

Grand Prix

  • "Her Electric Light" directed by Anastasia Lisovets, School of Design at the Higher School of Economics

Special Prize

  • "My Pushkin" directed by Yuri Tomilov, Svetlye Istorii
  • "Vedriti" directed by Nikita Meshcheryakov, Jupiter-XXI LLC

Best Student Film

  • "Wilderness" directed by Saule Matvienko, Shar School-Studio
    • Diplomas:
      • "The Search for a Beloved" directed by Polina Volkova, VGIC College of Cinema, Television and Multimedia
      • "Art is Serious" directed by Maria Alexeeva and Milena Egorova, HSE School of Design

Jury Special Mention

  • "Ow" directed by Timofey Shilov, Sergiev Posad branch of VGIC
  • "Hide and Seek" directed by Polina Kilina, VGIC

Best Debut

  • "Teenage Rain" directed by Maria Savenkova, Jupiter-XXI studio
    • Diploma:
      • "Choir" directed by Angelina Gilderman, Shar studio

Best Short Film

  • "A Stream Running Up a Hill" directed by Alexander Khramtsov, Shar Studio
    • Diplomas:
      • "We Are Sitting in Quarantine" directed by Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya, Soyuzmultfilm
      • "178" directed by Alexey Alexeev, Riki Production Center

Best Applied Animation

  • "Tinkoff Bank 'Kitty, Breathe Out!' - USB" directed by Ruslana Mirzaalieva, Petrick Animation Studio
    • Diplomas:
      • "Beast" directed by Alexey Bovkun, Gluk'oza Animation
      • "Lighthouse Home Foundation" directed by Ilya Buzinov, Petrick Animation Studio

Best Series

  • "About the Darkest Matter" (from the series "Detective Finnik") directed by Ilya Maximov, Petersburg Computer Animation Studio
    • Diplomas:
      • "Water Park" (from the series "Chik-Chirikino") directed by Anton Lanshakov, Parovoz Animation Studio
      • "Heartfelt Confessions" (from the series "Beastly Detective") directed by Alexandra Evseeva, METRAFILMS LLC

Best Feature Film

  • "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf 5" directed by Konstantin Feoktistov, Melnitsa Studio
    • Diploma:
      • "Barboskins TEAM" directed by Elena Galdobina and Fedor Dmitriev, Melnitsa Studio

Best Film for Children

  • "Three Cats and a Sea of Adventures" directed by Dmitry Vysotsky, METRAFILM LLC

Metropolitan Nikolai Diploma

  • "Blossoming Winter" directed by Alexander Brun'kovsky, First A Studio

Audience Favorite

  • "Ow" directed by Timofey Shilov

Open Premiere National Campaign

  1. "By the Way, About Birds" directed by Alla Vartanyan
  2. "Space" (from the series "Chik-Chirikino") directed by Anton Lanshakov
  3. "How the Goat Built a Hut" directed by Nadezhda Boyko

Regional Film Critics Diploma

  • "Ow" directed by Timofey Shilov

Glory Prize

  • Main Tourist Complex of Suzdal

Fortuna Prize

  • "RAPSODY" directed by Anna Milchenko

Professional Rating

  1. "Vedriti" directed by Nikita Meshcheryakov - 89 points
  2. "A Stream Running Up a Hill" directed by Alexander Khramtsov - 75 points
  3. "A Tale of Friendship" directed by Alexander Guryev - 69 points
  4. "Her Electric Light" directed by Anastasia Lisovets - 59 points
  5. "My Pushkin" directed by Yuri Tomilov - 53 points
  6. "Choir" directed by Angelina Gilderman - 37 points
  7. (Tied) "Wilderness" directed by Saule Matvienko - 36 points
  8. (Tied) "Do Not Turn On The Light" directed by Alexey Ignatov - 36 points
  9. (Tied) "178" directed by Alexey Alexeev - 34 points
  10. (Tied) "Ow" directed by Timofey Shilov - 34 points
  11. (Tied) "We Are Sitting in Quarantine" directed by Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya - 31 points
  12. (Tied) "Book of Grass" directed by Kamila Faskhutdinova - 31 points
  13. "The Extraordinary Story of One Lion" directed by Oksana Kholodova - 27 points
  14. "Exile" directed by Anastasia Zhakulina - 23 points
  15. "Giraffe" directed by Natalia Mirzoyan - 22 points
  16. "Foolish Journey" directed by Alisa Shadrina - 21 points
  17. "Hide and Seek" directed by Polina Kilina - 20 points
  18. "RAPSODY" directed by Anna Milchenko - 18 points
  19. (Tied) "DRAKOSHA: Misfortune" directed by Nikita Yurov - 17 points
  20. (Tied) "Remora" directed by Anna Bulakhova - 17 points
  21. (Tied) "IQ DINO" directed by Ivan Pshonkin - 17 points