Anifilm Festival Unveils Competition Lineup in Czech Films, International Features, Games, and VR Experiences

Short Summary:

Anifilm introduces its 2024 selection for International Competition of Feature Films alongside the Czech Horizon showcase of 69 films. The festival also spotlights 15 innovative games and diverse VR experiences. Winners across all categories, including films and gaming, will be announced on May 7th.

Anifilm, the renowned international animation festival, has officially announced the lineup for its Czech Horizon national competition, underscoring the vitality of Czech cinema. This year, a record 69 films have been selected to compete for the prestigious Czech Horizon Award, showcasing a rich diversity of genres including short and student films, commissioned works, music videos, and two exceptional feature screenings: "Hungry Bear Tales: To the Pole or Bust!" directed by Kateřina Karhánková and Alexandra Májová, and "Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light" directed by Filip Pošivač.

The competition boasts a wide array of talent, from well-known authors such as Jan Bubeníček with his series pilot "Veggierado," and Michal Žabka's inaugural "Lucky Four" series, to Maria Procházková's informative series on weather phenomena. Kristina Dufková's music video "Lava" promises to be a standout, along with Jan Cechl's return to the screen with a short film inspired by Alois Musil's life, "Lawrence of Moravia." Michael Carrington is set to present his awaited sand animation "Waves," and Jan Míka, the previous year's winner for Best Short Film, returns with "Earth Episodes." Representing the younger generation, Pavla Baštanová's "About a Cow," previously screened in Locarno, and Dita Stuchlíková's anidoc "I Would Be a Musician" are also notable entries.

The selection of winners, to be conducted by the Council of Animated Film through an online vote, will take place during the festival's opening ceremony on May 7th. Awards will be distributed across all categories, with special accolades for the Best Czech Creation, the Best Student Film, which includes sound post-production by BEEP Studio, and the Czech Television Award for the Best Czech Animation Creation, among others.

In addition to the Czech Horizon competition, Anifilm continues its tradition of celebrating digital creativity through its International Competition of Computer Games, featuring fifteen games vying in the categories of Visual Art and Game for Children. Noteworthy entries include "Darkest Dungeon 2," "Invincible," "Chants of Senaar," along with Czech contributions "The Last Train Home" and "Bzzzt!" by developer Karel Matějka. Anifilm's Game Zone offers attendees the opportunity to experience these games firsthand.

This year also marks a significant expansion in the festival's VR offerings, divided into competition and panorama sections, including seven competitive titles and five in the panorama. Projects range from interactive 3D films to mixed reality experiences, highlighting the innovative spirit of Anifilm.

Finally, the International Competition of Feature Films has announced its contenders, competing for the Best Film for Adults and Best Film for Children awards. The lineup includes ten films notable for their artistic diversity and storytelling, with strong representation from French animation through "Chicken for Linda!" and "Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds." Other highlights include "Kensuke's Kingdom," "Robot Dreams," and "Tony, Shelley and the Magic Light," among others, showcasing the global and stylistic range of this year's festival.