Across Russia, Suzdalfest’s “Open Premiere” Brings Animation to the Masses

Short Summary:

Suzdalfest's "Open Premiere" brings the 12th annual nationwide showcase of new Russian animated short films and series episodes across 89 regions. Featuring non-commercial public screenings from March 20-24, this event invites audience voting for the favorite film, with screenings at over 500 venues, including cinemas and educational institutions.

The Suzdalfest, renowned for its dedication to promoting Russian animation, is hosting its 12th annual 'Open Premiere' event, a significant nationwide initiative that has garnered widespread popularity over the years. The 'Open Premiere' maintains its goal of presenting public, non-commercial screenings of exclusive collections of new Russian animated short films and series episodes produced by various studios across Russia. The event categorizes its film collections for different age groups: toddlers, young schoolchildren, teenagers, and family viewing, ensuring a broad appeal.

An essential aspect of the 'Open Premiere' is the audience vote, which allows viewers to select their favorite festival film. This direct engagement highlights the significance of public opinion alongside professional jury evaluations. This year, the organizers aim to extend the event's reach by utilizing over 500 venues for screenings.

Thanks to a partnership with the all-Russian public-state movement for children and youth, "The Movement of the First," the 'Open Premiere' will feature participation from all 89 regions of the country. Screenings are scheduled to take place from March 20 to 24 in various venues, including cinemas, cultural houses, libraries, schools, museums, and kindergartens.

The event will showcase films from numerous companies, including "Aeroplane," "Parovoz," "Soyuzmultfilm," "YARKO" (part of "Gazprom-Media Holding"), "Petersburg," "A-film," "Ural-Cinema," "Bee," "ArtMetal," "Ponimatika," "Studio of Producer's Cinema," "Moviestudio Mavr," "Producer Center 'Caprice'", "Master-Film," "Jupiter-XXI," "SNEGA," "VGIK-Debut," "SHAR," "Ball Lightning," "ProRight," "Klaxon Production," and "Innovative Cultural Center." The organizers express their gratitude to their colleagues for providing the films.

The results of the audience vote will be announced at the festival's closing ceremony on March 24, where the winners will receive the Audience Sympathy Prize. Additionally, this year "The Movement of the First" will present its own award.

The 'Open Premiere' is supported by the Animation Film Commission of the Russian Cinematographers Union.

The 'Open Russian Festival of Animated Cinema' is organized by the "Master-Film" company in collaboration with the Administration of the Vladimir Region, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Further details about the event can be found on the Suzdalfest official website.