Oscars to Recognize Short Films and Animation Separately, Announces Academy

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The Academy has decided to separate the short films and feature animation branch into two distinct entities to better support each community's growth. This change, effective after the 96th Academy Awards, will result in 19 branches within the organization and aims to adapt to the evolving film industry and global membership.
The Academy Awards
United States (USA)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made a significant decision to divide the short films and feature animation branch into two separate branches. This move, aimed at fostering the growth and development of both sectors, will see the organization expand to represent 19 different aspects of the film industry.

Following the 96th Academy Awards set for March 10, this restructuring will take place, with the final votes for this year's Oscars concluding on the preceding Tuesday. Despite this split, the board of governors will maintain its current strength of 55 members.

Presently, the short films and feature animation branch is represented by three governors. However, with the forthcoming changes, one governor's term will conclude without a replacement this year. An election is scheduled for a new governor to oversee the live-action short film award, commencing in the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

The newly formed animation branch will cater to approximately 700 Academy members working within the animation industry. This branch will be represented by two governors who will oversee both the animated feature film and animated short film awards.

On the other hand, the short films branch will include over 200 Academy members involved in narrative and non-fiction short filmmaking. This delineation underscores the Academy's commitment to evolving alongside the global membership and the dynamic film industry.

Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy president Janet Yang highlighted the importance of adapting to the needs of the cinema community by providing distinct identities for these critical components. They emphasized the growth of the Academy's shorts and animation communities as a driving force behind the establishment of two separate branches.

The decision to create individual branches for short films and animation reflects a historical progression, with the short subjects branch initially established in 1941 and undergoing several name changes and expansions. Notably, the animated feature film award category was introduced in 2001, marking a significant development in the recognition of animation within the Academy.

This restructuring announcement comes on the heels of the Academy's decision earlier this month to introduce an annual competitive Oscar for achievement in casting, starting with the 98th Academy Awards for films released in 2025, further demonstrating the Academy's ongoing efforts to recognize and adapt to the evolving landscape of the film industry.