Anifilm Unveils Esteemed Jury Members for 2024

Short Summary:

Anifilm 2024 (Czech Republic) reveals its jury, featuring top animators, filmmakers, and game developers. Key members include Eva Marková, Vojtěch Buchta, and Onat Hekimoğlu for the game awards, Steven Woloshen, Wiola Sowa, and Jan Brukner for abstract films, Mariam Kandelaki, André Eckard, and Emma de Swaef for shorts and student films, and Milorad Krstić, Hugh Welchman, and Alena Vandasová for feature films.

Anifilm, the renowned international animation festival, has announced its jury members for the 2024 edition. This year’s lineup includes celebrated figures from the world of animation, game development, and film production, who will bring their expertise to select the best in various competition categories.

The jury for the game awards features Eva Marková, an accomplished animator, illustrator, and game developer known for her work on the critically acclaimed game Phonopolis with Amanita Design. Joining her are Vojtěch Buchta, a skilled 3D graphic artist and motion designer, and Onat Hekimoğlu, a Cologne-based game developer and music composer.

In the category of abstract and non-narrative films, the jury comprises Canadian experimental filmmaker Steven Woloshen, recognized for his direct animation techniques, Polish filmmaker Wiola Sowa, renowned for her sophisticated short films, and Jan Brukner, a Czech VR specialist and art director.

The short and student films competition will be judged by Georgian producer and director Mariam Kandelaki, German festival curator André Eckard, and Belgian director Emma de Swaef. De Swaef is well-known to Anifilm audiences for her festival hits Oh Willy… and This Magnificent Cake, which feature her signature felt puppets.

The feature film competition jury includes Milorad Krstić, a versatile Slovenian-Hungarian artist and the director of Ruben Brandt, Collector. He is joined by Hugh Welchman, British co-director of the fully painted animated films Loving Vincent and The Peasants, and Czech producer Alena Vandasová of MAUR Film, whose impressive filmography includes Daria Kashcheeva’s acclaimed films Daughter and Electra.

Anifilm’s diverse and prestigious jury lineup underscores the festival’s commitment to celebrating excellence and innovation in animation. Their combined expertise will ensure a comprehensive and fair evaluation of this year’s entries, fostering the recognition of outstanding talent in the industry.

Complete List of Jury Members:

Game Awards Jury:

  • Eva Marková (Animator, Illustrator, Game Developer, Amanita Design)
  • Vojtěch Buchta (3D Graphic Artist, Motion Designer, Game Developer)
  • Onat Hekimoğlu (Game Developer, Music Composer)

Abstract and Non-Narrative Films Jury:

  • Steven Woloshen (Experimental Filmmaker, Direct Animation Specialist)
  • Wiola Sowa (Filmmaker, Pedagogue)
  • Jan Brukner (VR Specialist, Art Director)

Short and Student Films Jury:

  • Mariam Kandelaki (Producer, Director)
  • André Eckard (Festival Curator)
  • Emma de Swaef (Director, Felt Puppets Specialist)

Feature Film Competition Jury:

  • Milorad Krstić (Artist, Director of Ruben Brandt, Collector)
  • Hugh Welchman (Co-Director of Loving Vincent and The Peasants)
  • Alena Vandasová (Producer, MAUR Film)