Annecy 2024 Unveils Ambitious Mifa Pitches with Record Submissions from 82 Countries

Short Summary:

The 2024 Mifa Pitches at Annecy Festival boasts a record-breaking 760 submissions from 82 countries, showcasing a diverse selection in categories like Short Films, Feature Films, TV Series, and Digital Experiences. With 41 projects shortlisted, the event promises a global exploration of innovative and creative animation narratives this June in France.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is set to host the 2024 Mifa Pitches this June, presenting an unprecedented lineup of creative projects from around the globe. This year, the festival reached a new milestone with over 760 submissions from 82 countries, highlighting its significance as a premier platform for animation professionals.

The selected 41 projects, which include 9 more than last year, span various categories such as Short Films, Feature Films, TV Series & Specials, and Digital Experiences. These categories reflect the evolving landscape of animation and its expanding reach into digital and interactive mediums. The pitch sessions are meticulously organized, with partnerships including industry giants like Disney+ and innovative labs such as Kasagi Labo.

Notable sessions include the Short Film Pitches and the Digital Experiences Pitches in the new XR&Games Area, scheduled for June 11th. The Feature Film and TV Series pitches will follow on June 12th and 13th, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of animation storytelling.

Additionally, the Partners Pitches program promises to be a highlight of this year’s festival. Scheduled across three days, these sessions will feature thematic presentations such as "Stories X Women: Emerging Female Voices" and "Naija to the World," which explore Nigeria’s vibrant global narratives through animation. Other sessions focus on regional talent with pitches like the "Southeast Asia Pitch @Annecy" and "Namasté Mifa: India’s Partner Pitch."

These sessions not only serve as a platform for showcasing the latest in animation but also facilitate a deeper understanding of cultural narratives and creative expressions from across the world. The Annecy Festival, through its Mifa Pitches, continues to foster a nurturing environment for animators to connect, collaborate, and push the boundaries of what animation can achieve.