Annecy 2024: Celebrating Animation’s Rich History with Annecy Classics and New Presentations

Short Summary:

Annecy 2024 enriches its film lineup with the Annecy Classics and Annecy Presents categories, featuring a diverse array of animated films including restored classics and new works. Highlights include an honorary award for Canadian animator Pierre Hébert and a focus on both historical and contemporary animation techniques.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival, scheduled for 2024 in France, is set to celebrate animation in an extraordinary fashion with its Annecy Classics and Annecy Presents segments. This year's program not only honors historical achievements in animation but also introduces audiences to innovative contemporary works.

Annecy Classics has always been a platform for showcasing restored animation films and this year includes an impressive lineup. Notably, "Scratches of Life: The Art of Pierre Hébert" by Loïc Darses, highlights the career of the Canadian animator, known for his unique engraving techniques and live performances. In recognition of his 60 years of contributions to animation, Hébert will receive an Honorary Cristal on June 11, celebrated with a special screening of the documentary. Marcel Jean, Artistic Director, reflects on Hébert’s evolving artistry, noting his "remarkable, rigorous approach" to animation.

Additionally, the festival will feature "Why Pinscreen?" by Brice Vincent, exploring the resurgence of pinscreen animation, a nearly century-old technique revived through the efforts of the CNC in restoring the "Épinette." Other notable films in this category include "History, Mystery, Odyssey: 6 Portland Animators" by Martin Cooper, which delves into the influential independent animation scene in Portland, Oregon.

Annecy Presents expands its selection with four new non-competitive films, bringing the total to 16. These include "Panda Bear in Africa" by Richard Claus and Karsten Kiilerich, a French-German-Dutch-Danish collaboration that tells a whimsical tale of a panda's adventures. "Flavors of Iraq" by Leonard Cohen offers a poignant look at the personal and national history of Iraq through the eyes of a French-Iraqi journalist. Other additions, such as "Look Back" by Kiyotaka Oshiyama from Japan, and "BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE: EPISODE NAGI" by Shunsuke Ishikawa, further demonstrate the festival's commitment to showcasing a diverse range of storytelling styles and animation techniques.

This year's Annecy Festival not only pays homage to the pioneers of animation but also embraces the new directions in which this art form is headed, making it a pivotal event for both enthusiasts and professionals in the animation industry.