Whistler Film Festival 2024 Announces Canadian Producers for Esteemed Producers Lab

Short Summary:

The Whistler Film Festival in Canada announces the selection of six Canadian producers for its 2024 Producers Lab. This seven-month program, supported by industry giants like Netflix and Telefilm Canada, aims to advance their scripted feature projects and enhance industry skills.

The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) is set to host its 2024 Producers Lab, spotlighting six talented Canadian producers selected to participate in this prestigious seven-month talent development initiative. The Producers Lab is designed to foster original scripted feature projects and enhance the professional skills of independent Canadian producers. This initiative is part of WFF's year-round Talent Programs, recognized for nurturing the next wave of Canadian cinematic talent.

This year's cohort includes a diverse range of producers with compelling projects:

  • Unbearably Hopeless / Ethan (AB): A poignant journey across Canada that transforms a man’s outlook on life, directed by Ethan.
  • IRL / Elisa McRae (AB): A dramatic tale of two sisters upending their father’s empire, directed by Elisa McRae.
  • Pay Day / Style Dayne Stenberg (SK): An unconventional family’s quest to reunite, set against a backdrop of personal and societal challenges, directed by Style Dayne Stenberg.
  • Anomaly / Jessica Landry (MB): A gripping story of a grieving astronaut who finds a parallel reality where her daughter is still alive, directed by Jessica Landry.
  • Power Couple / Lori Watt (BC): A narrative exploring the strains of success on relationships in the entertainment industry, directed by Lori Watt.
  • The Al / Hrachya Tokmajyan (AB): A 19th-century Armenian folktale about a couple facing supernatural challenges, directed by Hrachya Tokmajyan.

The Producers Lab offers a dynamic environment where participants engage in individual, group, and market-focused development sessions led by esteemed film industry advisors and mentors. This year’s mentors include John Galway, a prominent producer and Executive Director of the Toronto Irish Film Festival, and lori lozinski, an award-winning filmmaker known for her socially conscious films.

WFF's commitment to developing Canadian talent is evident in the continued success of past Producers Lab alumni. For instance, Lowell Dean's film "Dark Match," developed during the 2021 Producers Lab, is set for sales at the upcoming Cannes Film Market. Similarly, Krista Rand’s “Re: Uniting,” from the Producers Lab 2020, enjoyed its Canadian premiere at WFF23 and is currently screening across North America.

The Whistler Film Festival, with the support of Telefilm Canada, Creative BC, William F. White, and Netflix, continues to be a vital platform for Canadian filmmakers, providing them with essential tools and opportunities to succeed on the global stage. More information about the WFF Talent Programs can be found at their official website, dedicated to fostering and advancing the careers of Canadian film talent.