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Tanja Meissner Named Director of Berlinale Pro and European Film Market

Short Summary:

Tanja Meissner, with over 25 years in the film industry, has been appointed the new director of Berlinale Pro and the European Film Market in Germany. She starts on May 13, succeeding Dennis Ruh.

The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) has announced the appointment of Tanja Meissner as the new director of both Berlinale Pro and the European Film Market (EFM). This significant leadership change takes effect starting May 13, 2024, as Meissner steps into a combined role overseeing these two prominent festival components.

With a distinguished career spanning more than 25 years, Tanja Meissner is recognized for her extensive experience in film sales, acquisitions, and distribution. Her previous roles include significant tenures at Memento Films International in Paris and Celluloid Dreams, where she held the position of director of sales. Meissner's diverse background also includes work in film publicity, consulting, and teaching at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Tricia Tuttle, the newly appointed Berlinale director, praised Meissner for her integrity, sharp business acumen, and profound passion for cinema. Tuttle expressed her confidence in Meissner's ability to lead, emphasizing her combined expertise in nurturing new talent and supporting the film industry's growth. "Tanja Meissner is immensely well regarded in the international film industry, for her integrity, great taste and shrewd business sense," Tuttle remarked.

Meissner herself is no stranger to the Berlinale, having started her career at the festival in the 1990s. Over the years, she has engaged with the festival in various capacities, which she believes provides her with a unique, comprehensive view of the industry's ecosystem. "I hold the Berlinale deeply to my heart," Meissner shared, reflecting on her extensive history with the festival.

Meissner will be replacing Dennis Ruh, who directed the EFM for four editions from 2021 to 2024. Her first major task will be to oversee the upcoming 2025 Berlinale, scheduled from February 13-25, where she aims to utilize the festival's platforms to bolster support for filmmakers, rights holders, distributors, cinemas, and audiences alike.

This leadership transition marks a new chapter for the Berlinale Pro and EFM, promising a fresh perspective and renewed vigor under Meissner's guidance as the festival continues to evolve and adapt in the ever-changing landscape of the global film industry.

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